August 11

Off the wall

7th August 2012 (Warsaw, Poland)

Went to the Chopin Museum with Dan and her partner Shane. I have only a passing interest in Chopin but I’d heard the museum was a highlight so I was keen to go. We’re in luck: it’s the museum’s free ticket day. The museum doesn’t disappoint. It has a lot of artefacts including score manuscripts, letters, photos and items like the last piano Chopin played, as well as a huge multimedia element where you scan your entry card and swipe through content including short videos and music in your language. Its biggest downfall is that it seems the curators have paid so much attention to the multimedia, they’ve forgotten to give each area a clear context and tell Chopin’s life in a cohesive narrative.

Photo of the day is from the street just outside the museum. I think it captures just was Warsaw is like: they may not have border-to-border grand buildings, but what surfaces they do have they paint a mural on. Berlin has graffiti; Warsaw has murals.

Shane then went to the Copernicus Museum and Dan and I serendipitously caught a bus that went straight to the Museum of Uprising only to find it was closed on Tuesdays. By the time we got to the Copernicus Museum the line was so long I knew I didn’t have a chance to see it before I had to catch my train so we ended up walking along the river finding random photography exhibitions and Warsaw’s mermaid (how cool is that? Warsaw’s mascot is a mermaid with a sword!) before I had to be at the station.

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