November 21


I found myself pacing the Health & Beauty aisle at Coles looking for shampoo, perhaps the worst kind of Saturday night to have after what was a fairly good day. I’m not loyal to any brand in particular but I do like to pick the most eco-friendly product on offer that isn’t wildly expensive, a weird legacy inherited from my mum after she joined a multi-level marketing scheme selling beauty and cleaning products without sulphates or parabens long before the current enviro movement.

The least evil shampoo there cost $23.99 for a 500ml bottle and it still had sulphates in it. Since when was shampoo worth $24?! I decided I could probably make do temporarily with soap and conditioner.

 As a last resort I headed to the baby section for a bottle of Johnson & Johnson ‘no more tears’ baby shampoo. I don’t remember where it sits on the evil shampoo scale but I do remember how awesome my hair looks when I use it, which I discovered by accident one time when I stayed over at my parents’ place and found a third of a bottle that a previous guest had left behind.

‘No more tears’ was no more, but I did find significantly more not-evil shampoos there, also at exorbitant prices. I left Coles without shampoo, but I also cried a little for ‘no more tears’, for it was like the end of an era. Grown-up shampoo from now on, Ads, the world – Coles’ new world – seemed to say.

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